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Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter, a hilarious columnist, while discussing the various missteps and incompetent steps taken by the Biden regime on a Fox News panel joked that President Slow Joe Biden is polling at around the same level as monkeypox.  Perhaps a somewhat overstatement, it sure seem true to me.

Schlichter’s comment was, “Look, Sean, this isn’t happening because they’re winning. This is happening because they’re losing and they’re desperate. Look at the approval polls. Biden is polling right up there with monkeypox. Okay?”

Continuing Schlichter added, “These guys, you know, these guys lost in Virginia, they’re losing at the school boards, Hispanic Americans are flocking to the Republican Party because it’s the party of faith, family and the flag, just like Hispanic Americans love. They are desperate. And the problem is, when somebody’s desperate, he does stupid things.”

And we all know that indeed Brandon has done some stupid things. Hundreds of billions spent on student loan forgiveness. The Mar-a-Lago raid. The disaster of a trip to Saudi Arabia, the Afghanistan withdrawal, and on and on. To be honest, Brandon’s reign as president has gone about as poorly as possibly could have been expected.

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Schlichter wasn’t the only one on the panel to take a few shots at the Joe Biden regime disaster. Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA founder, had some comments as well, blasting Biden for his recent claim that many MAGA Republicans are semi-fascist.

Kirk said, “So unfortunately I do expect this kind of violence to continue. We have to remain peaceful on our side. But I do thing if they’re going to escalate the language then game on. Like Okay. If you’re going to call us a bunch of fascists, we’re not going to take that anymore, you’re the fascist Joe Biden and other words as well.”

Kirk continued, “We’re not going back to I would like to go back to 2014. That’s over and done. They’re calling you the worst thing that can be called in decent political conversation. And what are we going to do? We need to find common ground. No, we have to win. We have to displace these people from power right now.”

Sean Duffy was also on the panel and focused on the same comment of Biden’s as Kirk saying, “This is not the first time Democrats have talked like this. Go back to Barack Obama when he said Republicans cling to their Bibles and their guns or when Hillary Clinton called Republicans or Trump supporters a basket of deplorables.”

Overall, it was an excellent takedown of the Biden regime by the panel. Biden’s regime might be America’s worst ever. And that’s including the Ulysses Grant corruption disaster, the George W. Bush warmongering police state, and the Barack Obama desecration of all America stands for. Regardless of how bad those guys were, Joe Biden seems somehow worse. No wonder he’s about as popular as monkeypox.

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