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The Memphis police department says they have located a “deceased party” in the 1600 block of Victor Street.

Authorities say they have found a body near where Eliza Fletcher was abudcted while jogging in Memphis last week.

The Memphis Police Department said officers in the 1600 block of Victor Street located a “deceased party” just after 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Now Memphis is a very violent city, and murders happen quite frequently, so we’re not jumping to conclusions, just reporting what Memphis PD are telling us here at The DC Patriot.

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At 5:07 pm, officers in the 1600 block of Victor located a deceased party. The identity of this person and the cause of death is unconfirmed at this time. The investigation is ongoing.  Once additional information is available, we will provide an update.

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The identity of the body and the cause of death have not been confirmed at this point. The investigation is ongoing at this time. 

According to Fox News who contributed to this report, they witnessed 15 to 20 police cars, including a mobile command enter, on East Person Avenue and Victor Street. A Helicopter was also spotted flying overhead.

Police would not confirm if the heavy police presence was due to the Fletcher murder investigation.

A crime scene with at least a mile radius was blocked off near an abandoned school and less than a mile from 1765 Orleans St. where a witness told police they saw the suspect, Cleotha Abston, cleaning blood out of a GMC Terrain with floor cleaner and washing his clothes. They said he was acting strange.

U.S. Marshals arrested 38-year-old Abston on Saturday after police detected his DNA on a pair of sandals near where Fletcher was last seen, according to an arrest affidavit. An arraignment has been set for Tuesday.

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