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Since many libraries around the nation in the last year have ended their late fees, its’ lead to a large number of books being returned.

Bob Jalonski decided he would return a book, 77 years later.

Back in 1947 Bob was a sophomore at James Ferris High School in Jersey City, and that’s when he had his book first met.

Bob said, “I don’t know if I stole it or it was inadvertently put in my backpack. Ha ha!”

He was assigned to do a book report on a country.

“And I picked Germany because it was after the war,” he explained. “It’s a history of the people who made up the government.”

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The book is titled “Hitler” written in 1936. It was an ominous warning about the dangers of his politics. But it’s not the content that means so much to Bob. It’s the time period.

When Bob checked the book out, several milestones in America hadn’t even happened yet. Jackie Robinson hadn’t put on a Brooklyn Dodgers uniform for example.

This book had to go back,” he said. “I felt uncomfortable having this in my house knowing it was overdue.”

The book was overdue by 28,185 days. The late fee would amount to about $3,000.

“Luckily, we’re fine free now. That’s the reason we went fine free. We want everyone to feel welcome to return the books. Even if they’re 70 or 80 years overdue,” said Assistant Director of Jer

This book is a history piece, and now that it’s back in the library’s possession, its’ become just that.

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