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Appearing on Nationally syndicated radio show host Todd Starnes radio show was none other than former Fox News host, now Newsmax TV host, Eric Bolling. Eric said that Fox News has completely turned against the former President.

The “Eric Bolling The Balance” host pointed out the “pretty obvious” move away from Trump in the past few weeks for the businesses owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch on the “Todd Starnes Show” Wednesday.

“The Murdoch empire is moving away from Trump,” Bolling told Starnes. “I knew they never liked the guy. I knew. It was pretty obvious that they apparently never liked him, but they dealt with, they held their nose, and they dealt with him and then he brought them a ton of ratings over the 2016 to 2020 years.”

Bolling said he knew something was up when Fox aired a 3-and-a-half-minute package that asked conservative voters if they would support Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) in the 2024 presidential primary and the last two minutes was full of DeSantis supporters.

“That’s a statistical anomaly at best and a statistical probability impossibility at worst,” Bolling said.

Then News Corp.-owned entities, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post, which were previously pro-Trump, started going after the former president.

“It was pretty clear to me and I was back at Fox during those election cycles…they’ve lost their footing, and I suspect it’s going to be a slow, if not steady, move to the Left,” Starnes added.

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