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An insane development as the state of New York is working diligently to keep General Flynn and Clay Clark’s Re-Awaken American tour from happening in the state. They’ve gotten venues to back out, they’ve done all that they can to try to prevent this event from taking place. But wait, there’s more!

Clay Clark just posted a letter that he received from The New York Attorney General Letitia James. That’s right, the same corrupt bag of wind who’s trying to prosecute President Donald J. Trump over hurt feelings and conspiracy theories. Did you see what I did there? We used that word against them, liberals hate that!

This letter is absolutely certifiably insane. You’d have to be a bumbling insane idiot stick to believe what’s in this letter. The lovely Attorney General compares the peaceful Re-Awaken American Tour to the Charlottesville insanity where the KKK clashed with other protestors, as well as the horrific Buffalo Mass Shooting. I want to remind you there’s been no violence at this tour for over a year that it’s been happening. But that doesn’t stop this corrupt Attorney General from making the asinine claim, does it?

She even talks about some “Great Replacement Theory” that warns of white genocide and efforts to replace native born Americans with immigrants? What is this lady drinking and smoking at night? Well after all it’s New York, and whatever she’s doing is probably legal in that state.

Check out the letter below, but we’re not done yet. But read this, and then scroll down, we’re just getting warmed up.

Then the lovely Attorney General went to threaten a handful of New York laws and statutes that allows her to prosecute those that are speaking at the event. It’s almost like she’s warning that Black Lives Matter and Antifa are going to show up and cause violence, but the conservatives who are peaceful will be to blame. What else is new America, right?

Let’s sum this up shall we? It sounds like the Attorney General of New York is threatening that there will be protestors and riots, and that no matter who starts it, the people at the Re-Awaken America Tour will be to blame according to the state of New York. This is a tactic like you’d see in Nazi Germany in the late 1930’s. You set the tone, and then paint the narrative, while blaming the group you intend to target. Making sense yet folks?

Let’s pray for Clay Clark’s Re-Awaken America tour, this level of tyranny in America is truly out of control.

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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

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