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On Thursday night, Reince Priebus, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, as well serving as White Chief of Staff for President Trump, was on Fox News’ Sean Hannity program. Priebus told Hannity that Democrats were “walking from” President Joe Biden.

Priebus continued saying, “Albert Einstein had a famous quote that weakness of attitude is weakness of character.” And so, when you start day one destroying your border, making your country not energy independent again, when you allow countries – you quoted the second half of Reagan’s quote, peace through strength and weakness invites aggression, and it’s true.

The former White House Chief of Staff added, “And so, it started on day one, it continued to Afghanistan, through the economy, to gas, to fuel, energy independence and now he’s desperate on this Brittney Griner issue. And by the way, the other piece of this, the fact that Joe Biden was upstaged by his own speaker and the speaker didn’t listen to Joe Biden, yet again his own party, they’re walking away from him on 2024, it’s weakness all the way from day one and his own party’s abandoning him.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan Tuesday despite threats from China. Multiple Democrats have declined to endorse a potential reelection bid by Biden, including Democrat Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Corez of New York and Cori Bush of Missouri.

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