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Louisiana Senator John Kennedy is one of those politicians that’s an absolute pleasure to watch and listen to. He has awit and attitude that is a joy to witness for Republicans and absolutely frustrating for Democrats. He’s personable and fun.​

All of that came across in his latest campaign ad where he admitted that, while he has the right to remain silent, he doesn’t actually have the ability. 

In the ad Kennedy says, “Folks, I will never completely fit in. For all those in Washington insider elite bed wetter’s whose feelings I hurt, here’s some free advice.”

“Go buy yourself an emotional support pony because I’m not going to shut up,” he continued over cheerful music. “And one more thing. Always be yourself unless you suck.”


Kennedy continues to reinforce his comical charm to voters and Republican in general. He always has a witty comeback or comment to drop, but his character is only bolstered by his ability to go after the left with equal amounts of fever.

Kennedy has of late, spent a good deal of time dissecting Biden’s claims about how great his economy is doing and wrecking it completely as RedState reported his comments in July when Kennedy said, “I think the position of the administration is the definition of a recession is whatever is in the teleprompter.”

Kennedy told the hosts in classis fashion when asked about Team Biden’s ongoing efforts at redefining the word. “And this farcical spectacle is kind of embarrassing. Most Americans don’t really care about this debate or how many economists can dance on the head of a pin. What they see as a slowing economy and rising prices. It’s called classic stagflation.”

Continuing, Kennedy added, “President Biden refused to acknowledge it. He says, yes, but unemployment is low, unemployment is low.” Kennedy went on to say, “Well there is a reason for that. People aren’t working. You don’t look at the unemployment number. You look at the labor force participation rate.”

It’s is highly likely that Kennedy will see another term, and that will come as no surprise to Republicans.

We appreciate our friends at Republican Daily for content in this article.

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By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

3 thoughts on “WATCH: Senator John Kennedy’s Hilarious Campaign Ad Has Liberals Raging and Conservatives Laughing”
  1. Senator John Kennedy never disappoints. His Louisiana drawl magnifies his southern wit!

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