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A tiny burger joint in Belleville, Texas is making a big name for itself, and conservatives are eating it up, literally.

The owner has adopted a pretty recognizable brand to make the point to all of those that can’t get a clue. The burger joint named Trump Burger is owned by a second-generation Lebanese-American Roland Beainy, and it’s booming!

“Beainy was born in Boston and later moved to Lebanon when he was six to continue his studies there. He and his family returned to the U.S. in 2019.

A year later, Beainy opened Trump Burger.

‘Being an immigrant from a place where everything is bad and you work for almost $200, you see somebody like him to support the country and get the economy doing better. Me being an entrepreneur, I appreciate what he did,’ Beainy said.”

The Trump theme of the place doesn’t stop at the name, either. Breitbart explains that the menu serves up several dishes paying homage to Trump and his family from the Trump Burger to the First Lady Chicken Sandwich.

The locals seem to love the place as well, with one customer saying that the weekends are jam packed with “a big line of motorcycles, sports cars and antiques and Trump flags.” They also have a large military discount which puts the smile on all of those active and retired faces.

Now Trump supporters, Christians, and Conservatives are stoked about it, the owner says the radical idiot stick liberals are mad as hell about it. Serious question, why don’t they just boycott? Oh, because that’s not working, and it’s hilarious!

Beainy explained to the Chronicle, “We got a lot of bad calls at the start: People who wanted to burn the place down. It was scary at first, but we don’t have those calls anymore. We have a great following, and not all of them are Trump supporters. They come for the food and the service.”

Check out what this liberal verified jackass said on Twitter:

Here’s another verified liberal asshat making fun of Trump supporters, claiming they’re all uneducated. Nah, we just don’t like our country ran into the ground sweetheart.

Last but not least, here’s yet another verified liberal jackass inciting violence if you are a liberal and you go there to eat. Anyone who does this should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

So if you are a conservative in the Houston area, or surrounding area, go give these guys your business. Good news, they won’t be donating to Democrat campaigns anytime soon.

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