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Last Wednesday, The Western Journal reported that George Washington University Law School’s Constitutional Law program just lost the best asset it had to offer to students, as co-instructor Professor Gregory Maggs, emailed students Supreme Court Justice Thomas had informed him that he is unavailable to co-teach the seminar this fall.

Maggs email stated, “Unfortunately, I am writing with some sad news: Justice Thomas has informed me that he is unavailable to co-teach the seminar this fall. I know that this is disappointing. I am very sorry.” Maggs added in the group email, “The seminar has not been canceled but I will be the sole instructor.”

This means, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who is considered to be the top expert in the originalist legal interpretation of the Constitution, is not going to be providing instruction at George Washington University (GWU) Law School’s Constitution Law program.

“Thomas’ seminar at GWU has become a subject of great controversy as the once-prestigious institution drifts further into radical-left ‘woke’ territory. Left-leaning student organizations began calling for Thomas’ ouster almost immediately after the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling was released, the Western Journal also reported.

Not surprisingly, liberals put out a change.org petition that called for Thomas to be kicked out, making baseless claims, some of which were absolutely false and untrue, concerning the justice and his wife, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, who ended up receiving 11,000 signatures.

Jon Kay, the individual who put together the petition, said, “Guys. We did it. Clarence Thomas will no longer be teaching at George Washington University Law School.”

The petition goes on to say, “With the recent Supreme Court decision that has stripped the right to bodily autonomy of people with wombs, and with his explicit intention to further strip the rights of queer people and remove the ability for people to practice safe sex without fear of pregnancy, it is evident that the employment of Clarence Thomas at GWU is completely unacceptable. While also factoring in his wife’s part in the attempted coup in January of 2021, Judge Thomas is actively making life unsafe for thousands of students on our campus (not to mention thousands of campuses across the country). Make your voice is heard and help us kick Clarence Thomas out of Foggy Bottom.”

“GWU Provost Christopher Bracey and law Dean Dayna Bowen Matthew had already announced in a letter to the student body that while Justice Thomas’ views “do not represent” the stance of the university and that Thomas’ contract would not be terminated. And indeed, Thomas’ announcement simply explained that he would be ‘unavailable,'” the report continued.

The radical left certainly does love to take credit for things, don’t they? There doesn’t appear to be any sort of connection between the petition and Justice Thomas deciding to end his relationship with the GWU Law School for any other reason than he isn’t going to be available.

Thomas is not the kind of guy who bows the knee to the woke mob, thus it is highly unlikely that he would have done so here. He didn’t care on the abortion decision when people were making all kinds of threats against him. It’s highly unlikely this had much bearing on him either.

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By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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