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The annual Congressional baseball game was held last Thursday evening at 6:05 pm EDT and was aired nationally on Fox SPORTS and C-SPAN.

Climate change protestors were attempting to block entrances to the Congressional Baseball Game chanting: “No more fossil fuels!” “The Manchin deal is not enough.!”

Townhall’s Julio Rosa caught some of the action:

Here’s more of the perennial losers:

Their efforts didn’t go well — with three arrests and other entrances being open anyway, they didn’t stop anyone from getting into the event.

The purpose of the game is supposed to be to come together on the field of sport — for a few moments — to have fun together and share a little unity. The game has largely been that, although we saw in the past a radical leftist shooting up a GOP practice for the game, wounding multiple people and almost killing Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) in 2017.

They were also raining money for charity for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, the Washington Literacy Center, and have added the U.S. Capitol Police Memorial Fund, since the 2017 shooting.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this about the game, “This game is so great and people are so nice. That’s what makes it great that we’re competitive, and it’s great to be here and have a little fun.” Perhaps Pelosi should have told her people that, because the climate activists weren’t the only drama at the game.

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) decided to add a little lack of sportsmanship of her own. The Democrats were down 5-0 in the sixth inning when she got a leadoff walk. She was then pulled for a pinch runner. But while making her way back to the Democrats’ dugout, she flipped off the Republicans in the other dugout.

It’ not clear why she did that, but now they can’t even leave their behavior aside in a game for charity to help Kids. What a nasty move. Some role model she is. It says a lot about their approach when that kind of response is all they’re left with. 

Well it didn’t help the Democrats any as the Republicans ultimately won the game 10-0, earning back-to-back victories and improving their record in the classic game, which was first played in 1909, to 44-42-1.

The Democrats may be even more upset in November with what is to happen in the midterms. Even CNN is recognizing the numbers are all favoring the Republicans, as CNN’s Harry Enten was even saying that polls are likely underestimating the wave that is to come.

A couple of fans in the stands were also reminding Democrats with messages of “Let’s go, Brandon” and “45.”

After the game, Republicans and conservatives criticized Sanchez for her display of poor sportsmanship during what is usually a friendly game benefitting a local charity.

​”Representative Linda Sanchez is classless,” conservative author Nick Adams tweeted. “Giving the middle finger to the GOP baseball team is hateful and divisive. Sanchez should be banned from all future Congressional baseball games and permanently stripped of all committees.”

In a statement on Friday, Representative Sanchez said that she flipped the bird, ‘in the heat of the moment,’ at the Republicans after a ‘misogynistic’ and ‘offensive’ comment from their dugout, at the Congressional Baseball Game on Thursday night. 

By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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