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We’ve all seen this coming. Under President Donald Trump time as President of the United States of America, the world was just fearful enough that Trump would nuke them that we had an overall period of world peace. Nobody wanted to cross him for fear he’d wipe them off the face of the earth.

The exact opposite is happening under the Alleged President Joe Biden. World leaders are walking all over the bumbling fool that occupies the White House (or more realistically the sound stage across the street from the White House).

Now our greatest threat, the Chinese Communist Party, posted on a social media platform called Weibo warning that war is coming.

According to Real News No Bullshit:

Something noteworthy, an official weibo account for the Chinese communist party military has posted a message saying “prepare for war.”

The message is coming from the 80th army group and was posted the same day President Biden had a phone call with President Xi of China.

The post was made 15 hours ago and has 650,000 likes. Translation on next slide.

Weibo is a popular Chinese social media app.

It’s clear that World War III is on the horizon, and I don’t think any American feels safe with Joe Biden as our Commander-In-Chief.

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3 thoughts on “Chinese Military Threatens World War III: America “Will Get Burned!” China’s Xi Threatens Biden On Phone Call”
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  3. Within the first 5 minutes of the war China’s 3 carriers are in flames, their largest navy on earth reduced to the 5th or 6th largest forcing China to use nuclear weapons, and just like that the human overpopulation problem evaporates…

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