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Our own Matt Couch joined The Alpha Warrior Show with host Alfredo Luna to discuss the latest insanity in America.

The Peoples Choice “Matt Couch” from the DC Patriot joins Alpha tonight for full throttle truth on Fauci’s Retirement Signal aka New World Order Plans, Monkey Pox 2.0 Who really needs to be worried and why?

Did you hear Georgia Democrat Congress Woman Lucy McBath (Twitter @RepLucyMcBath) break classified information on the NEW Explosive Rifles and what they are capable of doing. All this and much more tonight, you dont want this episode with Matt Couch. Tune in and Share Away patriots.





One thought on “WATCH: FAUCI RETIRES? MONKEY POX 2.0? EXPLOSIVE RIFLES? CLIMATE CHANGE? Special Guest Matt Couch Joins the Alpha Warrior Show”
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