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As most American’s know, Joe Biden just got back not too many days ago from Saudi Arabia, where he was begging for them to pump more oil, using the excuse that he wanted to keep oil prices lower for American consumers.

The trip was even more ridiculous than it looks thanks to Biden’s heated, anti-Saudi rhetoric, and his administration’s hostility to American energy producers.  There was no reason for the Saudis to go along with what Biden wants, given his attempts to strike a deal with Iran and the fact that they make more money when oil prices are higher.

And not surprising, it doesn’t appear to have worked. The Saudis will continue to do as they please, particularly when Biden is the dimwitted American, they’re dealing with.

Biden, or whoever is directing or pulling his strings went to his Twitter account to start patting himself on the back for the recent dip in gas prices, since there has been a small price correction in the still sky-high gas prices. Biden is using this small correction to make it look like a major victory for the American consumer and his administration.

A good example was on Friday, July 22, when Biden said, “Gas prices have declined by an average of .60 cents per gallon over the past 38 days. Five straight weeks of gas prices coming down.

That sounds good, except that gas was falling from a shockingly high $5 a gallon, which means that even if the price has fallen somewhat, fuel is still painfully expensive for the average American consumer. Most American consumers don’t have a son to send to collect cash from the Red Chinese, like someone we know.

But the Biden team didn’t stop with the self-congratulatory tweets. Most recently he posted and absurd graphic about how much the average American is “saving” right now compared to when prices were at their peak a few weeks ago, including a caption saying, “For American families looking for a little more breathing room, these savings matter.”

What Biden didn’t do and ignored is how much Americans would be saving if the gas prices were at the level they were when he took office. Under the Biden administration, the gas prices sky-rocketed from around $2 per gallon to over $5 per gallon in less than one and a half years in office.

Biden updated his July 22nd tweet when prices fell another nickel, saying, “Make that .65 cents down over 40 days.”

It is good that prices are down, and every little bit helps, but another nickel of a dip when prices have escalated between $2-3 per gallon is hardly a celebration-worthy victory.

Biden, or his handler also remembered to blame refiners for high prices with Biden commenting, “Recently. we’ve gotten a lot of good news on gas prices. But that doesn’t change the fact that the industry’s margins are much higher than what’s typical for this time of year. Oil prices are dropping, gas prices should too.”

It seems now “a lot of good news” is a synonym for “things are now slightly less horrible than they were a bit ago, but are still absolutely horrific in comparison to how they were under my predecessor.”

Tim Young, a conservative commentator, commenting with what many Americans likely feel, said, “Wow, now it’s only up about $2 more than it should be because of you!”

Surely, Biden will get back to us when prices fall by the $2-3 a gallon they are up, rather than giving nickel by nickel updates.
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By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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