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Mark Levin, an attorney, author, radio and TV personality, with his syndicated radio show, The Mark Levin Show, as well as Life, Liberty & Levin on Fox News, recently commented on Fox News’ Hannity show.

In his remarks Levin commented to Hannity about how a president would attempt an insurrection. Levin poked major holes in the Democrat narrative about what happened on January 6.

Levin began by highlighting the ridiculousness of Democrat claims that Trump launched an “insurrection” by pointing out that they haven’t found any evidence showing what Trump actually tried to launch an attack, saying, “You know, Donald Trump apparently waited 187 minutes, Sean, before he issued his video. That would 11,220 seconds. Why did they keep saying 187 minutes, like anybody cares?”

Levin continued, “Let me tell you something. Can they show us one damn sentence in the hundreds of thousands of documents that they have collected, the thousand witnesses they’ve had, the text messages, the emails, the documents, anything, anywhere, that links Donald Trump to directing or ordering an attack on the Capitol? Where is it? We are at hearing number eight, where is it? You’d think they’d lead with it. You’d think with all the talk about criminality, they would show us. There’s nothing! Absolutely zero evidence that Donald Trump was involved in an effort to violently overthrow our elections or our government. Literally nothing!”

Then Levin tore into the Pelosi-dominated board as “Stalinist,” saying, “And the whole path has been cleared for these people because it’s a Pelosi Stalinist investigation without any barriers, whatsoever.”

Levin got to his main point, which is that if Trump really wanted to launch an “insurrection,” as Pelosi and the like claim, why would he release a video telling people to stand down and go home? If he really wanted to do an insurrection, he would have done the exact opposite.

After making that point, Levin concluded, “Now, they talk about 187 minutes before he released the video. If you’re leading an insurrection, do you release a video while an insurrection, quote/unquote, is going on and say, ‘Please stand down,’ or do you release a video that says something a little differently if you’re leading an insurrection like, ‘I’m calling on all my armed supporters to go to the Capitol. I’m calling on the United States military. I’m ordering them to arrest the vice president, to arrest members of Congress, to encircle the building. This is an insurrection! We are taking over the government!’ None of that happened, and yet that’s an insurrection.'”

Prior to his days of radio and television, Mark served as an advisor to several members of President Reagan’s cabinet, eventually becoming Chief of Staff to the Attorney General Edwin Meese. He was also Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of Education and Deputy Solicitor of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Mark is the recipient of prestigious awards, including the American Conservative Union’s Ronald Reagan Award,” the inaugural, Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment Award, the Media Research Center’s William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence, and, most recently, the Gene Burns Memorial Award for Freedom of Speech.

By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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