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On Tuesday, Amos Hochstein, a Biden administration energy advisor explained why the White House is hesitant to embark on new oil and gas projects in an interview on CNN’s “New Day.”

Hochstein stated, “So, it’s about making a choice between what is the short term and the medium term so that we can make sure we have enough oil and gas to support us through the transition. And what are the kind of steps that we don’t want the oil and gas industry to take that would have long-term consequences when we don’t want new major projects that would take 20-30 years to become profitable.”

Hochstein added, “So, we have to make that differentiation to make sure the American consumer has what it needs to grow our economy and the global economy, but not take steps and endanger the climate the work that we’re trying to do to make sure that we’re in a better footing to accelerate the transition.”

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich wrote in March, the pain is the point. Pavlich also pointed out in a tweet that the president has been critical of the industry, by telling them that they need to drill more oil despite his own administration openly snubbing oil and gas.

Pavlich said of the interview in a tweet, “This clip is incredible & revealing. While Biden berates oil/gas companies for not drilling & dumping $ into new exploration, his energy advisor admits they don’t want oil/gas investing in long-term projects. This is the Keystone XL problem that prompted oil/gas uncertainty.”

While some may say that the messaging is unclear, it’s obvious that their message is that they’ll blame anybody but themselves for the energy crisis.

In June, CNBC reported that Biden said in a letter to oil companies, “They must take immediate actions to increase the supply of gasoline, diesel, and other refined product.” 

The Biden administration is stingy with how it approaches domestic energy production because it does not want to take risks with climate change, at least according to their public reasoning. Instead of unleashing a new era of American energy independence where the U.S. would not need to be reliant on other countries, they would rather let America be at the mercy of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and not unlock the potential of the oil and gas industry for the next generation.

Biden’s last-ditch effort to push his climate change agenda, which stopped short in Congress mainly due to the opposition of Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), Biden is expected to declare a climate emergency soon according to The Washington Post.

Also, Reuters reported, this would entail the activation of the Defense Production Act to increase the manufacturing of solar panels and other alternative energy goods.

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By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

3 thoughts on “THEY THINK YOU’RE STUPID: Biden’s Energy Advisor Explains Why White House is Hesitant to Embark on New Oil and Gas Projects”
  1. The Biden administration is hell bent on crushing the American economy to achieve its goals. They need to use what is available now, and work toward future goals as infrastructure is built to handle it at a reasonable rate.

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  3. This administration is so arrogant. They don’t seem to be bothered by the fact that a very large percentage of American citizens don’t want them making “fundamental changes” to our entire way of life. NOT THEIR JOB. They are supposed to honor the wishes of the majority and not the wishes of foreign entities and corporation heads. IMHO I think our system up to fail by having the driving force of it all be about who can raise the most money. They all need to retire and we need to get some regular people in there.

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