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War Room General and former advisor to President Donald J. Trump, Steve Bannon unloaded on the sham criminal trial against him because he claimed executive privilege and was loyal to President Trump.

“I challenge Benny Thompson today to have the courage to come to this courthouse. If he’s going to charge someone with a crime, he’s got to be man enough to show up here, or send somebody like Shifty Schiff or Fang Fang Swalwell.”

“For them to sit there and try to get a complete hearing and they won’t bring in any testimony. Any testimony about FBI involvement, any testimony about DHS involvement, any testimony about any other involvement and what’s driving this. The total and complete illegitimacy of Joe Biden. Trump won, Joe Biden’s illegitimate, 50% of the American people believe that today, and they believe that not from hearing from mainstream media from our great colleagues in the media, because they won’t show any of it. That information has been suppressed from day one, but almost 50% of the American people believe it.”

Watch the rest below, well done Bannon!!

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