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In shocking news, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has informed the President and Parliament that he will resign on Thursday afternoon.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said Thursday he will resign amid a political crisis sparked by the refusal of the Five Star Movement to participate in a government confidence vote.

“I want to announce that this evening I will hand in my resignation to the president,” Draghi told his cabinet.

“The majority of national unity that has sustained this government from its creation doesn’t exist any more,” Draghi said in a statement.

It will be up to Italian President Sergio Mattarella to accept or reject the resignation. The president could also ask Draghi to go before Parliament in the coming days to seek a formal vote on the government itself, to see if the squabbling allies would rally around him.

Draghi said the conditions necessary to carry on with the coalition government were “no longer there” and the “pact of trust that the government is based on has gone”.

The 5-Stars, who have lost significant support in recent local elections, and have slumped in opinion polls, are in disarray. Hard-line 5-Star proponents, who were skeptical of joining the government last year, have been complaining that their interests have been ignored. In the measure voted on Thursday, the 5-Stars opposed a provision to allow Rome to operate a garbage incinerator on the outskirts of the chronically trash-choked Italian capital.

That compactness has been fundamental to face the challenges of these months. This conditions don’t exist any more,” the premier said.

The premier announced his decision after meeting with Mattarella at the Quirinal presidential palace.

Mattarella had tapped the former European Central Bank chief — who was known as “Super Mario” for his “whatever it takes” rescue of the euro — to pull Italy out of the coronavirus pandemic and lay the groundwork to make use of billions in European Union pandemic recovery funds.

In the debate Thursday, several senators blasted Conte’s decision to have 5-Star senators boycott the vote.

This is a developing story and we’ll keep you updated. Thanks to Inside Paper and NPR for contributing to this article.


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