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By now you’ve heard the story that Joe Biden told of the 10-year-old girl who needed an abortion and couldn’t get one. Well guess what, it was a complete lie and a fake news story as usual to try to incite and anger the left, and it worked.

According to the Indiana Right to Life organization who audited the termination of pregnancy reports that are public records in 2018, they found that nine doctors have broken the law by not reporting underage abortions and Dr. Bernard was one of them according to the group.

Forty-eight consumer complaints have been filed against nine Indiana abortion doctors who have allegedly failed to follow the legal reporting requirements to protect young children from sex abuse. The doctors are: Jeffrey Glazer, Caitlin Bernard, Cassandra Cashman, Carol Dellinger, Mandy Gittler, Kathleen Glover, Martin Haskell, Resad Pasic and Sarah Turner. They are employed at all licensed Indiana abortion facilities: Women’s Med Center in Indianapolis, Clinic for Women in Indianapolis, and Planned Parenthood in Indianapolis, Lafayette, Bloomington and Merrillville. [emphasis mine]

Some of the girls under 16 years old who had abortions that weren’t reported to DCS were as young as 12 and 13. The alleged 48 instances of failure to report occurred since July 1, 2017. The 48 consumer complaints have been filed with Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill and the Indiana State Department of Health. The Marion, Lake, Tippecanoe and Monroe county prosecutors have also been notified.

In Indiana, the state requires doctors to report all abortions of girls under 17. They don’t specify the required age of non-birthing girls. Bernard has put herself in a precarious situation, inasmuch as the Gateway Pundit is investigating to see if she reported doing an abortion on a ten-year-old girl without reporting it. She either will have to admit to being a liar or risk losing her medical license for not reporting the underage abortion.

From PJ Media

 Law enforcement uses these reports to determine if the minor was the victim of abuse or rape. But apparently, Bernard and some of her colleagues don’t think it’s important or necessary to make sure that the girls on whom they perform abortions get justice against rapists.

Did Bernard report this alleged 10-year-old rape victim to Indiana authorities as she was required to by law? That is the big question, and it’s one we are going to get to the bottom of. PJ Media is waiting on the Indiana Department of Health to respond to a media request for those public records, and we will bring them to you when we get them.

In the meantime, we hope Dr. Bernard is enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame.

Thanks to our friends at DJHMedia.com for contributing to this article.


6 thoughts on “Abortion Doctor Who Made Up Story About 10-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Biden Told Story About Has Been Accused of Not Reporting Underage Abortions”
  1. I hope all of their medical licenses get revoked and they are no longer able to practice anywhere in the United States. Since I live in Indiana, i plan on forwarding this article to my state representative. I’m sure he knows about this but I want him to know that I know and actions need to be taken against these so called doctors.

  2. I would like to know how those 48 cases were spread among the 9 doctors’ and how many cases were reported by each relative to the number not reported.

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  4. This doctor needs to be in front of a medical review board. Dig a bit deeper into her background and I’m sure they will find much more.

  5. As a resident of Nohio (special emphasis on the “No”), I am appalled that the physician (the one that made the phone call and arranged for a border crossing abortion) did not report this incident to authorities. Is she a personal friend of this pedophile rapist? Raping of a ten year old girl is a very vile, not to mention illegal act, and the physician (referenced above) must be a pedophile herself, to have covered up this atrocious crime and not reported it as required under 5120.173 and Section 5123.61 of the Revised Code.

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