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President Biden recently took the dramatic step of pushing back against the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling by signing an executive order that essentially federalizes protections of abortion, an issue which Dobbs had returned to the states.

Defending that action of Biden’s when asked about the order, which a reporter described as looking like he had “declared war” on SCOTUS, Jean-Pierre didn’t dispute that depiction and instead attacked the court’s ruling and indicated that Biden was intending to attack the ruling too, saying:

Well, I’ll say this: The President respects the institution. He respects the Court. What he doesn’t — what he believes was unconstitutional, and spoke to this — to this this morning — to this morning and also prior, is their decision. He believes the decision that this Court has made is extreme and it is beyond the pale.

That’s a bold attack on the court and it’s legitimacy, though to the leftists at MSNBC it wasn’t going far enough.

They said that Biden’s order wasn’t one that went far enough, with Dr. Yashica Robinson, director of the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives, telling MSNBC’s Joy Reid that the order isn’t enough help.

Speaking on that and what’s now happening in Alabama following Dobbs, Dr. Robinson said:

We’re hearing people that say that they really need — they will have to leave the state for care. But the thing that’s most heartbreaking is the people who are not able to do that. And those are the people that I care for. Those are — that’s the majority of my patient population, people who do not have the means to travel, and those are the people that are going to be harmed the most.

Continuing she went on to say that Biden’s already radical executive order wasn’t enough and needs to go even further, saying:

I opened my phone up and I saw it and I got really excited. But I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t really — I didn’t understand what it meant, and so then as I talked to people to understand, you know, my response is, I’m happy to see that there’s some support there.

“However, it’s not enough. It’s too little, you know, to really help patients and to increase access to the care that we really need. I’m glad to know that there are efforts to protect access to medication abortion. That doesn’t help people in states like Alabama where we can’t — we’re not able to treat the patients at all.

Biden, for his part, has been acting in a way that, even if not radical enough for the MSNBC leftists, seems quite radical to many conservatives and others who are hesitant to see the executive branch try to ignore the rulings of the judicial branch, with Biden’s recent speech on the executive order and abortion situation generally being skewered as “demonstrably untrue” by Jonathan Turley, a law professor and conservative commentator.


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