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NASA just put out a fresh update concerning the James Webb Space Telescope. Ten out of it’s seventeen “science instrument modes” have been officially approved to start scientific operations.

Despite the ding in one of the mirror segments and the fact the equipment is still in “the final commissioning activities,” engineers tease that they already “started to take some of the first science data.” You just can’t see it yet.

According to the official schedule, Earth shaking images will start being releasedJuly 12. That’s the date set to “mark the official end of commissioning Webb and the start of routine science operations.

It’s only days away and everyone’s on the edge of their seat waiting.

“The NIRSpec Grating Wheel Assembly (GWA) uses diffraction gratings or a prism to separate the wavelengths of incoming light into a spectrum. Study of the intensity or brightness of light across the wavelengths can provide key diagnostic information about the nature of various objects across the universe — from extrasolar planets around distant stars, to faint galaxies at the edge of the universe, and objects in our own solar system. NIRSpec will observe them all.”

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By (Not Real) Brick Tamland

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