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On Monday, New York’s state Supreme Court has sent New York City’s scheme to allow non-citizens and illegal aliens to vote in elections down in flames.

Republican Minority Leader Joseph Borelli announced on Twitter Monday, “Today we won our non-citizen voting lawsuit. I commend the judge for recognizing this has been illegal all along,” Borelli tweeted.

“Today’s decision validates those of us who can read the plain English words of our state constitution and state statutes; non-citizen voting in New York is illegal, and shame on those who thought they could skirt the law for political gain,” Borelli said.

Borelli added, “Opposition to this measure was bipartisan and cut across countless neighborhood and ethnic lines, yet progressives chose to ignore both our constitution and public sentiment in order to achieve their aims. I commend the court in recognizing reality and reminding New York’s professional protestor class that the rule of law matters.”

Michael Henry, who is running for the state’s Attorney General, reacted to the news:

Henry said, “Today the N.Y. GOP won their lawsuit to Stop New York City’s unconstitutional non-citizen voting plan. I am proud that I stood with Joe Borelli and Nick Langworthy and many others to protect our elections.”

In January, New York City attempted to change its election law to allow over 800,000 non-citizens to vote in local elections.

Mayor Eric Adams said in a statement, “I believe that New Yorkers should have a say in their government, which is why I have and will continue to support this important legislation. I had some concerns about one aspect of the bill, I had a productive dialogue with my colleagues in government that put those concerns at ease.”

Adams added, “I believe allowing the legislation to be enacted is by far the best choice, and look forward to bringing millions more into the democratic process.”

Axios reported on the development, while soft-peddling the fact that Adams had lied during his campaign by posing as a moderate. In their report they said, “Adams initially expressed concern over the legislation, which the City Council approved a month ago, but the Democratic governor ultimately supported the measure and allowed his 30-day time limit to veto the bill to expire, according to AP. If the implementation is not curtailed by a judge, New York City will become the first major city in the country to extend voting rights to non-citizens, per the AP.

It looks like that election policy won’t become law in New York City. This is a big win for election integrity in less than a week full of conservative legal victories.

We appreciated our friends at Patriot Alerts for content in this article.

By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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