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Attorneys working for America First Policy Institute’s Constitutional Litigation Partnership are now demanding that a school district located in Baxter, Iowa stop teaching “Social Justice in Literature” course, which is in violation of state law.

This is, of course, the now infamous critical race theory (CRT), a set of ideological beliefs ripped from the pages of Marx that seeks to divide people by the color of their skin during a time in our country when the last thing we need is another reason to despise each other.

A report from Just The New has revealed that the course, which is being offered as an elective at Baxter High School, teaches students to “use a social justice lens to analyze contemporary young adults fiction,” according to a description of the course written by the school and included in the group of attorneys’ demand letter.

The group has also filed a Freedom of Information Act request for documents in the school district that allegedly contain some information about the topics of social justice, Critical Race Theory, and other related issues.

Keep in mind, everyone, that the Baxter School District has less than 470 students in their K-12 program, according to information from the Department of Education. This is not a big city school district. This indoctrination has now reached smaller, rural areas. If you thought that because you live in a small town, your children would be safe from the madness, you were wrong.

Apparently, Iowa passed a law in 2021 to prevent CRT and other such topics from being taught in school.

“The America First Policy Institute stands with the brave parents of Baxter Community School District, and across the Nation, who are saying no more to the un-American indoctrination of our children,” Craig Trainor, Constitutional Litigation Partnership’s Senior Litigation Counsel, went on to say in a press release.

Trainor stated, “School should prepare students for citizenship in our constitutional republic and colorblind society, not turn impressionable children into social justice warriors who view all that is good and just through the distorted lens of race, sex, gender, power, and politics.”

The America First legal group is demanding that the school district rescind the course, then take action to inform parents, students, and staff members about the decision, while following the anti-CRT law in the state.

Liberals are obsessed with race, sex, sexual identify, and anything they can use to drive a wedge between people. These have become potent weapons to prevent Americans from being united by a common set of values. It’s undermining of what we used to stand for.

Why would they want people divided? Easy. It’s hard to conquer a people who stand united on a set of shared values they are willing to fight and die to protect. Strip that away, turn people against one another, and then vilify one side, and you have yourself a recipe for destroying a country, tearing it down to its foundation and rebuilding it in whatever way you want.

It Just so happens the left wants to see this country made in the image of Marx.

We appreciate our friends at Patriot Alerts for content in this article.

By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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