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A Journal of Internal Medicine study highlights the benefits of drinking coffee daily and says that it can extend your life in a new study.

The following is from our friends at Fox and Friends:

A new study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine found that drinking coffee on a daily basis can lower the risk of contracting a range of deadly diseases.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday to discuss the findings, Dr. Janette Nesheisat, a Fox News medical contributor, said, “This study [was] just published … Over a period of 7 years, 170,000 people were followed.” 

And for those who “drank anywhere from 1.5 cups to 3.5 cups” of coffee a day, she added, those individuals increased their life span by about 20%.

People also “reduced the risk of diseases” by drinking coffee, she said.

Plus, “you feel better, you live longer,” she said.

“Coffee has over 1,000 chemical compounds,” she added, including “antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.” 

“It can help prevent heart disease [and] it can help fight cancer, even Parkinson’s,” she said, noting just some of the benefits shown by the new study.

In addition, coffee even has been revealed recently to reduce the instances of suicide, she said.

“One cup of coffee,” she said, “has about 90-100 milligrams of caffeine.”

She said the maximum intake per day should be 400 milligrams of caffeine.

She mentioned that because she said consumers need to look closely at the type of coffee they’re consuming and how it’s made, how it’s brewed — and not drink too much overall. 

They should not exceed that 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per day.

“For some people who aren’t big coffee drinkers,” she added, “they might have a little bit of anxiety, a little bit of [heart] palpitation.”

So “it’s moderation” that’s best, she said.

And adding sweeteners to coffee — not a good idea, she indicated. 

Thanks to our friends at Fox News or contributing to this article.


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