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Mariah Carey is being sued by artist Andy Stone for copyright infringement over the rights to her hit song, “All I want for Christmas.” Stone has made allegations in the suit citing that he co-wrote and recorded a song by the very same name a couple of years before Carey, TMZ reported on Friday.
Stone is claiming his original recording dates back to 1989 and said he is able to substantiate his song’s authenticity. He claims his song got extensive airplay and became a hit on Billboard Charts during the 1993 Christmas season, one year before Mariah’s version, which was released in 1994, according to TMZ.

Stone’s lawsuit says Carey and her representatives failed to acquire permission to use the title for her Christmas song, for which he had even released a music video, TMZ reported.

The title of the two artists songs is really the only similarity in the two songs. They are different in everything except the title. Their lyrics and melodies are completely different, and are not a part of the dispute. The copyright to the title is the main point of the lawsuit, according to TMZ.

Carey’s version of the song is a wildly successful blockbuster hit that continues to rake in an astound amount of money. Her version has already generated and averaged an estimated $600,000 per year in royalties and has brought in $60 million to date, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Others have estimated Carey has averaged making as much $3.8 million per year on the song.

Celebrity Net Worth reported Carey’s version is the best-selling Christmas single by a female artist overall.

According to TMZ, Carey exceeded a billion streams of the song in 2021.  

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