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The weaponized Department of Justice under the Biden Regime has struck again, this time arrested the top GOP candidate for Governor in Michigan, just 50 days before the Michigan primary.

This is truly unreal as this fiasco has now been going on for almost 18 months, with it all culminating with the first prime time aired broadcast by the Democrats on almost every major network starting Thursday night.

Of course, the liberal media was alerted ahead of time.

CONFIRMED: FBI is executing a search warrant at the Allendale home of Ryan Kelley. There’s also an arrest warrant out for him. Kelley is a current GOP gov candidate polling around 19%, the top of the field right now. He was also on the Capitol steps on Jan. 6. 1/

Senior writer and editor for AM Greatness Julie Kelly who has blown up the January 6 narrative with her investigative journalism and research asked the question to this reporter that all Americans would love to know. “How did you know?”

Kelly’s crime is that he was “on the Capitol steps” during the January 6 incident at the Capitol.

They are accusing him of gesturing the crowd to move forward on the grounds on Jan 6. This is absolutely ridiculous and a weaponized and radical tyrannical Department of Justice at this point America. Absolutely absurd. This is the thing you see in Iran, Russia, North Korea, and China. NOT the United States of America.

The following is from NotTheBee.com

The governor herself sent thousands of people to their deaths in nursing homes, but this dude was one of thousands in a crowd that were peaceable, lawful, and did nothing wrong. Not only that, but Kelley – like many others – says he approached the FBI and DOJ about Whitmer’s abuse of the law and they refused to do anything about it.

This is insane.

Here’s a podcast where Kelley talks about his platform and positions so you can see how much of a “domestic extremist” this real estate agent, former union worker, and father of 6 is.

More from Daily Wire:

Kelley is one of the five GOP candidates who qualified for the August primary ballot. The real estate agent has organized protests against Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s strict COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, and he was reportedly present at the January 6 Capitol riot.

And it comes after Michigan’s previous top Republican candidate, former Detroit police chief James Craig, was invalidated for the state’s primary after tens of thousands of invalid signatures from leftist trolls disqualified him from the ballot.

It also comes the day after Joe Biden went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and promised to jail his enemies.

Thanks to our friends at The Babylon Bee and The Daily Wire for contributing to this article.


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