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We have a heroes in a small town in North Carolina, and those heroes sit on the Apex Festival Commission in Apex, North Carolina who announced on Saturday that the proposed LGBT Pride event “Drag Queen Story Hour” has been canceled after backlash from the community. Thank God!

Gilbert said in a Facebook post that the event was shut down after he shared feedback from the local community to the festival commission hosting the event.

“Given that this part of the event was not originally presented when the event was proposed, I met with representatives from the organizations hosting the event, the Apex Festival Commission, and presented the feedback I have received from citizens,” Gilbert wrote. 

“Today, I was notified that the Apex Festival Commission has taken the feedback into careful consideration and has decided to remove the Drag Queen Story Hour from the event,” he continued.

Gilbert concluded by stating his goal was to “ensure that all voices in our community are represented.”

It was meant by resistance with those who wanted to groom children, with comments like this.

“This was THE Pride event I was planning to attend with my toddler,” one woman posted, saying she was “very disappointed.”

She went on to write to Gilbert, saying that “if your goal is to ensure that all voices in our community are represented, you should speak out against the silencing of this segment of the local community.”

Kudos to this city in North Carolina for doing the right thing, well done!

Thanks to our friends at The Gateway Pundit for contributing to this article.

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