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An exciting time to be a New Yorker, as The Park Church in upstate New York has organized a “Worship is a Drag” service to “celebrate Pentecost, and kick-off LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and to come to Christ’s Table of Love.”

The event was of course advertised by the church with a flyer and Facebook post, according to the Christian Post.

The Park Church in Elmira, New York is led by Rev J. Gary Brinn, who the church’s website describes as “committed to anti-racist and feminist, and as a gay man, has actively promoted LGBTQ+ equality.”

First off, no gay man is a pastor, and if he says so, he’s not following the word of God. This is blasphemy!

After using Michelangelo’s depiction of God as an example of the Church being controlled by white men in power, Brinn explained, “Most of us have found that not being racist is not enough when we live and benefit from centuries of systemic racism, that we must be actively anti-racist.”

Additionally, he often slanders the “version” of God that “white men” made “in their own image.”

“God acted like an older white man with absolute power,” Brinn said. “and a shocking fragility, for despite God’s supposed omnipotence, he was constantly offended that humans were not properly stroking his ego or following the rules he had implemented to micro-manage our lives. The culmination of his rage was the ultimate act of domestic violence, conspiracy to murder his only child.”

He continues, “That God is a monster, one that I abandoned long ago.”

What pastor says God is a monster that he abandoned long ago? No folks, this insanity isn’t satire.

The president of Park Church’s council, Jenny Monroe discussed why the church chose to put on this event with ABC affiliate WENY.

“The affirming piece is the important part…that means that we affirm your choices of gender identity, or sexual preference, or who you love, or what you talk about, how you dress…all those things,” she said. “We affirm who you want to be at church.” 

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