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Seasoned political operative, speaker, pundit, and New York Times Bestselling Author Roger Stone has endorsed Republican Candidate Noah Malgeri for US Congress in Nevada’s Third District. A veteran of ten national presidential campaigns, Roger served as a senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents: Nixon, Reagan, and Trump.

Mr. Stone has a history of endorsing proven, grassroots patriots including freedom fighter Joey Gilbert for Nevada Governor.

Mr. Stone offered the following comments regarding his endorsement of Mr. Malgeri:

I am delighted to bestow my full and complete endorsement to Noah Malgeri, candidate for US Congress in Nevada’s Third District. Noah is a proven fighter, and the only candidate in the Republican primary who served his country in uniform. His clear-eyed assessment of the existential danger posed by the permanent deep state distinguishes him among his fellow candidates, and indeed among candidates nationally. Noah is committed to exposing the crimes against the free American people perpetrated by the deep state, including the stolen election of 2020, the January 6 “Fedsurrection,” and the systematic use of the FBI and DoJ as instruments of political persecution. This makes him one of the most dangerous threats to the continued hegemony of our corrupt ruling class currently terrorizing the citizenry. Noah’s background as a former Army officer and JAG prosecutor makes him ideally suited to pursuing and obtaining accountability for such abuses. It is my opinion that Noah is the singular choice for freedom-loving Americans in NV-3.

Noah Malgeri is an accomplished attorney, engineer, inventor, and Iraq War veteran. He earned a Bronze Star for his contribution to planning and executing the opening stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Later, he spent a decade as a patent attorney navigating the regulatory minefield for our country’s great businessmen and innovators in the legal hotspots of Boston, Orange County, and the DC area. Most recently, Mr. Malgeri served as the Director of the Pro Bono Project where he arranged for pro bono legal representation for Clark County foster children, survivors of domestic violence and trafficking, and others. Noah was recognized with the 2018 Vegas Legal Magazine Excellence Award for his work. Mr. Malgeri believes the 2020 election was stolen and that the United States has been led to the threshold of WWIII by a criminal Biden administration. Mr. Malgeri has vowed to work to impeach Mr. Biden immediately in Congress.


For a list of other America First candidates running for office in Nevada visit here: https://patriot911news.com/2022/05/america-first-candidate-guide-nevada-2022/

I’m running as well: www.ElectMindyRobinson.com

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