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At this point America, they are laughing at you for being stupid.

The fact that the average American continues to look at our broken justice system of rigged editions and rigged jury’s and thinks “no worries” is alarming.

Sussmann was charged under 18 U.S.C. 1001 with lying to the FBI during a meeting with then-FBI general counsel James Baker when he came forward with what he claimed was evidence of possible covert communications between the Trump organization and Alfa, a Russian bank. Sussmann allegedly concealed that he was representing the Clinton campaign, which he billed for his efforts.

Benny Johnson unloads on Durham and the fact of what a rigged process this truly was in favor of Sussman.

Durham did not push for the recusal of Judge Chris Cooper in Sussman case despite:

– Cooper being professional friends with Sussmann

– Cooper’s wife represented former FBI lawyer Lisa Page

– Cooper and his wife were married by Merrick Garland (!!!)

– Cooper appointed by Obama

Johnson goes on to point out that the jury even had THREE Hillary Clinton donors on it. Unbelievable how this wasn’t a miss trial and how this judge didn’t recuse himself.

Baker, who now works for Twitter, said that he likely would not have have met with Michael Sussmann if he knew Sussmann was acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

I don’t think I would have,” Baker said on the stand in federal court in Washington, as noted by the Epoch Times.

As Techno Fog notes:

The acquittal is no surprise. This is a DC jury, after all. In the Roger Stone case, for example, we documented how a juror lied to get on the panel. (That judge didn’t care.) Making matters worse, the Sussmann judge wrongly allowed for a woman to remain on the jury, despite the fact that her daughter and Sussmann’s are on the same high school crew team. One can’t help but think that juror had her own daughter’s interests in mind – the cohesion of the crew team – when she reached a decision.

On the facts, there was more than sufficient evidence to prove Sussmann’s guilt. Sussmann lied to then-FBI general counsel James Baker in order to get a meeting to pass the Alfa Bank hoax materials to the FBI. Sussmann lied again during the meeting – stating he was not there on behalf of a client – in order to get the FBI to open an investigation into the Trump Organization’s purported ties with Alfa Bank. Later, during testimony to Congress, Sussmann admitted he met with Baker on behalf of a client. Billing records proved he had been working on the Alfa Bank project on behalf of the Clinton Campaign.  

This verdict is simply unbelievable and it’s proof that Washington, D.C. will not convict one of their own. Read more from our friends at ZeroHedge.


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