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Tales From the Swamp: How a Republican Senator’s Son Partnered With a Liberal Dark Money Group To Sink Voter ID Expansion

Complaint: Michigan group fighting voter ID ‘secretly’ bought out circulators

VOTER FRAUD RESPONSE: Jamie Roe, is the national spokesman for Secure MI Vote.

A George Soros-linked dark money behemoth has a peculiar partner in its bid to sink voter ID expansion in Michigan—a group of Republican operatives led by a sitting Republican senator’s son

Over the past year, liberal dark money group Sixteen Thirty Fund has spent $2.5 million opposing a Republican-led petition drive to expand Michigan’s voter ID requirements. Nearly $400,000 of that money has gone to Groundgame Political Solutions, a shadowy consulting firm that a trio of Republican operatives—including Sen. Roy Blunt’s (R., Mo.) son, Andy Blunt—privately launched in May 2021, corporate filings show.


We are passionate about helping MI secure future elections. It’s about time we can trust that our vote will be counted correctly.

Together we can restore faith in our elections: We are committed to strengthening the security of our elections through enhancements to our election laws, better preparedness, increased training and constant communication with our local election directors.

Initiation of legislation amending the Michigan Election Law, 1954 PA 116, MCL 168.495, 523, 759, 759a, 759b, 761, 761b, 764b, 813, and adding 168.523b, 760a, 946, to: require partial social security number for voter registration; require photo ID for in-person voters; require driver’s license, state-ID, partial social security number or photo ID on absentee ballot application; require voters who don’t provide this ID to present ID in person within 6 days after election to have their vote counted; provide state-funded IDs to applicants with hardships; specify minimum times clerks must accept absentee ballots for in-person or dropbox delivery; prohibit officials from making absentee ballot applications available except upon voter request; prohibit donations to fund elections.




Jamie Roe, is the national spokesman for Secure MI Vote.

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