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George Soros is loathed by conservatives and has been a target of those paying attention in our society for quite some time. Soros listed as the 162nd most wealthy person in thew world, had his eyes set on Disney Stock last September.

According to filings, Soros bought 150,000 shares of Disney, worth at the time nearly $19 million dollars.

Disney of course has came under file for being “groomers” and trying to teach children about LGBTQ and Transgender discussions which has angered the right as well as many parents around the globe.

The purchase by Soros comes after came after a small slump in 2020 for Disney, but once Pfizer Inc. announced their vaccine, Disney Stock went up 11%, with Soros cashing in.

A vaccine would certainly be a huge boon for Disney’s struggling theme parks division, though Daniel Loeb of Third Point pointed out the silver lining to the situation in his fund’s Q2 investor letter, stating:

“A slew of sell‐side analysts had recently downgraded the stock but we believed they failed to grasp that the pandemic also provided Disney with an important opportunity – to accelerate a plan to bring its blockbuster content directly to the consumer via streaming, which will further elevate Disney’s position as the world’s pre‐ eminent media company…”

Did George Soros have inside information about the vaccine announcement in 2020?

So did Soros know the vaccine announcement would propel Disney stock into the stratosphere? It’s an interesting question, and proof that these people are all in cahoots.


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  1. This DISPICABLE POS should have been prevented from Ever living here in the US. Instead, he Should have been handed over to the MOSAD and dealt with appropriately, for assisting the nazis during the war. He has no right to continue drawing a breath Any Where on planet earth.

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