Republican New Mexico Representative Yvette Herrell introduced legislation on Thursday that would ensure federal workers return to the office in person and would not allow the Biden administration to make telework for those workers permanent.

The Stopping Home Office Work’s Unproductive Problems Act (SHOW UP Act), would prevent the Biden administration from making telework for the federal workforce permanent until it provides Congress with its plan to avoid the negative effects of working remotely. The new legislation was first obtained by the Daily Caller (DCNF). 

The new legislation has nine original cosponsors who include Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, Rep. James Comer (KY), Rep. Scott Franklin (FL), Rep. Brian Gibbs (OH), Rep. Clay Higgins (LA), Rep. Michael Cloud (TX), Rep. Fred Keller (PA), Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ), Rep. Andrew Clyde (GA), and Rep. Bryon Donalds (FL).

The lawmakers say the would like to make sure the federal workforce is back and argued telework has caused issues, such as delay at the IRS and veterans struggling to access their benefits. Republicans are also worried that the federal workforce is not providing services to Americans on time, causing delays for Americans seeking passport renewals.

In Addition, Republicans are concerned about veterans and social security beneficiaries not being able to have in-person meetings and their issues addressed by civil servants in the proper time frame.
Ironically, the bill comes just as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi let House members know that they could continue to continue to work from home and continue to vote remotely until June 28.

Rep. Herrell told the DCNF before introducing the legislation, “American are struggling to receive their tax refunds, veterans are having difficulties accessing their benefits, and it’s all because of backlogs created by the Biden Administration’s expanded telework policies for federal bureaucrats. It is long overdue for the federal workforce to return to work in person. The federal government exists to sere the American people and Congress has a responsibility to ensure federal agencies are meeting their missions.”

Herrell continued, “I’m proud to introduce the SHOW UP Act, which will rein in President Biden’s attempt to keep federal bureaucrats out of the office. If my constituents in New Mexico and other Americans are expected to show up to work, federal employees should be held to the same standard.”
Our appreciation to our friends at DCNF for content in this article.

By Julio Cahn

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2 thoughts on “House Republicans Introduce Legislation That Would Force Federal Workers to Show Up and Not Work From Home as Biden Pushes for Permanent Stay at Home Jobs Government Employees”
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  2. even when they show up they don’t hustle. Ever see a federal employee on the job, everything is done slow paced. Can u imagine how they would move working from home based?

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