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The seat is getting hot for Hillary Clinton and her group of generals who are shot callers around the nation, as Clinton’s Campaign manager Robby Mook dropped bombs while under oath.

Mook stated in federal court that the campaign against Trump heated up in late summer and early fall of 2016. Marc Elias, who served then as the lawyer with the Perkins Coie Law Firm and served as Clinton’s top legal adviser, told Mook that “People with the expertise” in cyberactivity had informed and briefed the campaign.

According to Mook, Elias said the data alleging links between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, a Russian financial institution with ties to the Kremlin was happening. As we know now, this was completely a lie, and the mainstream media ran with it for years smearing the Trump presidency and family.

Mook’s testimony is the first of its kind that puts the Clinton’s in the middle of a leak to the news media the ultimately blew up in the campaign’s face.

The FBI quickly determined that the supposed connection between the Russian bank and the Trump Organization was implausible, and Michael Sussmann, Elias’s then law partner who brought the claims to the FBI, has now been indicted for doing so by the Justice Department.

Special Counsel John Durham says he lied to the bureau’s general counsel to hide his connection to the Clinton campaign.

Mook was allowed to testify early on behalf of the defense because he has a trip planned to leave the country. We bet he does after testifying against Hillary Clinton, he better never come back!

Mook says that after the Alfa Bank Allegations against the Trump Organization, the Clinton Campaign then decided to hand it over to a reporter.

Mook: “recollection is we decided to give it to a reporter so the reporter could pin it down more.”

After consulting with Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta, Mook says he told Clinton that the campaign wanted to share the Alfa Bank information with the media, and “She agreed to that.”

Despite Mook’s claim that the campaign didn’t have any evidence or any sufficient data to support the claims, it didn’t stop Hillary Clinton from making this tweet that same day.

“Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.” Campaign adviser Jake Sullivan also released a statement declaring, “This could be the most direct link yet between Donald Trump and Moscow.”


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