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There are tens of thousands of votes left to be counted, including at least 22,000 mail in ballots and an unknown number of votes cast on Election Day.

The race between Dr. Oz and former hedge fund CEO David McCormick is neck and neck, with the majority of Trump’s base disliking Oz enough that nearly 25% of Republicans in the bellwether state voted for Kathy Barnette over Oz.

The mail in ballot situation in America is an absolute nightmare for our Constitutional Republic, and has to be stopped. What a disaster the Democrats and spineless Republicans who refuse to stand up to them have done to our nation.

The President chimed in, but here’s the kicker. This is a primary, and I don’t believe the Democrats could care less who runs against them, most of them wanted Oz to win because they believe he’s absolutely beatable in the general election.

Here is Trump’s statement. Trump claims that France just went back to paper ballots, and had a successful same day voting situation, and on that we don’t believe he’s wrong at all.

Here’s the real question, if you are truly a conservative, why aren’t you getting off your ass and voting? Stop this nonsense, and go to the damn polls!


One thought on “Trump Addresses Mail-in Ballot Situation in PA Senate Race”
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