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What’s wrong with the Northeast? Well, for one, it’s mostly ruled by Democrats, which is never great. But, beyond that, now the region known for bitter cold and bad attitudes has another problem: gas prices are exploding higher, with states like Democrat-led Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware experiencing “all-time high” gas prices right now.

News on that fuel price problem comes from ABC 6, which reports that the “tri-state area” has been hit by record-high gas prices just as “the busy summer driving season” is about to start going full steam, something that will lead to even more economic pain for consumers already struggling under the burden of higher gas prices.

Adding more details to its depiction of the problem and showing just how high gas prices have gotten in recent months, the same ABC 6 article points out that:

It’s $4.64 a record gallon in Philadelphia, 14 cents above the statewide average.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware are also at all-time highs.

It’s $4.50 in Pennsylvania, $4.47 in New Jersey and $4.40 in Delaware.

Nationally drivers are paying $4.32 for a gallon of unleaded, that’s $1.36 over what it was on this day a year ago

Up almost $1.50 per gallon in just one year! Now that’s some serious economic pain, particularly those that have to drive a good bit for work or life, a price increase that will eat deeper into savings and wallets already lightened by the Bidenflation crisis.

And gasoline is cheap compared to diesel, which the same article reports hit an absolutely gut-wrenching all-time high of $5.54. That jaw-dropping price increase is potentially the worst part of the story, as it’s hitting truck drivers in the wallets and either driving up shipping costs or driving them closer to the edge of financial oblivion.

Meanwhile, Team Biden has, for all its talk, mainly just stuck to blaming Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin for gas prices while doing little of effect to combat the rising prices.

For example, Biden, in his end of March speech on skyrocketing gas prices, went on a long diatribe about Putin and blaming him for the issue, saying (in part):

And now, many people are no longer buying Russian oil around the world. I banned the Russian import of oil here in America; Republicans and Democrats in Congress called for it and supported it. It was the right thing to do.

But as I said at the time, it’s going to come with a cost. As Russian oil comes off the global market, supply of oil drops and prices are rising.

Now Putin’s price strike — price hike is hitting Americans at the pump, which brings me to the first part of my plan: to immediately increase the supply of oil.

Our prices are rising because of Putin’s actions. There isn’t enough supply.

There is enough supply. It’s just in the ground beneath our feet and will require pumping out of the ground, something that would lead to the oh-so-dreaded “carbon emissions” that the climate loons rant about.

But Biden, in his speech, seemed more intent on threatening and railing against those companies that could produce gas and pump oil rather than announcing what he’s doing to encourage them to pump more, such as suspending certain rules or prohibitions that have gotten in the way of fuel production.

So there is a solution, just not one that’s tolerable to the green fanatics.


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