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Republican conservative Rick Scott of Florida recently released a statement and utterly and completely tore into President Joe Bid, blasting him for his lies and rhetoric.

More than likely the statement was sparked by Biden attacking him during a speech, first generally supporting the middle class and saying, “We need to keep making progress, cutting costs for working families, making more in America, and creating good-paying jobs you can raise a middle-class family on” and then turning his sights on Scott and saying “congressional Republicans, led by Senator Scott, believe the way to fight these global challenges is by raising tases on middle class families, including half of small business owners.”

With the ongoing burden of the Bidenflation crisis that is wreaking havoc on the finances of ordinary Americans and raising costs substantially for American businesses already struggling, thanks to the mainly Democrat-promoted Covid lockdowns. Biden’s foolish statement is untruthful as the inflation pressure on the middle class right now under his leadership is tremendous, as Americans are facing rising costs on all necessities, especially food and food.

It was very obvious that what Biden had stated was a lie and Scott responded by ripping into what he characterized as a “desperate” statement saying, “That’s rich coming form the man who is single-handedly responsible for historically high inflation, wants to raise the federal debt to $45 trillion, plus has no plan to balance the budget and whose failed leader-ship is pushing our nation into an economic recession where the labor participation rate is shockingly low.”

Continuing, Scott argued, “Biden is clearly obsessed with my plan to rescue America and very confused about his own agenda that is devastating American families.”

After his attack on Biden Senator Scott defended his record as a tax-cutter, saying, “I’ve cut more taxes than anyone in Washington and even the liberal Washington Post has corrected Biden’s lies about me. Sadly, it’s no surprise, after spending a year hiding in his basement before spending another year hiding in the Whie House and his Delaware vacation home, that Biden has lost his grip on reality.”

Scott concluded defiantly against the disastrously bad Biden administration saying, “As long as Biden and the Democrats keep trying to destroy this great country, I’ll be fighting to rescue it. We’ll stop at nothing to hold Biden and the radical Left responsible for the disasters they’ve created.”

Not to mention the utter disaster on the world stage of the humiliating rout from Afghanistan in August of 2021 and then there is the crisis in education caused by the Biden Democrats insistence that mere children need to be taught the intricacies of their sickening sexual theories.

And don’t forget the crisis in the American military caused by Biden’s push for wokeness within it.

Scott’s list or points are seemingly unending, but just these few above show that Slow Joe has proven a disaster for America and he and all those that aided and abetted him need to be held accountable for what they’ve done to America.  

By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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