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In Boxing news, it seems winds are shifting a little in the heavyweight ranks, and they have an old school feel to them.

The son of former World Heavyweight Champion, Tommy Morrison is now a World Champion himself. Kenzie Morrison (20-0-2, 18 KO’s) scored an impressive victory over the undefeated son of another former heavyweight great Hasim “The Rock” Rahman (12-1, 6 KO’s) to become the WBC USNBC Heavyweight Champion.

Morrison came out aggressively in the fight and Rahman was outboxing him throughout several rounds in the match, but just like his father Morrison has extremely heavy hands, a good chin, and grit. Morrison who struggled in the first 3 rounds, turned the tables in round four and dropped Rahman in five.

Rahman Beattie count and the bout was stopped by referee Robert Hoyle during Morrison’s follow up barrage of punches that shows Rahman with shaky legs and dropped hands. Rahman of course complained about the stoppage, but he was bout to be put lights out by Morrison if Hoyle hadn’t of stopped the fight.

The stoppage came at 1:37 of round number five. Morrison looking to follow in the steps of his historic father’s boxing career has taken a major step forward with this massive win over real competition.

You can watch the TKO and stoppage below.


By Matt Couch

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