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As the mainstream media refuses to report on these odd anomalies and weird things the 46th President continues to do, we’ll keep posting and talking about them. The problem is they are so overwhelming we can’t keep up.

This was from a couple of weeks ago, and completely flew under our radar, and we’re sure it probably did yours as well.

As White House Correspondent for Breitbart News Charlie Spiering puts it, it doesn’t make any damn sense. But then again, this is the Democrats leader, so what else is new. Why does Joe Biden keep taking a knee in photos with the United States military?

I’m incredibly pleased of the work she’s doing as First Lady with the Joining Forces effort she co-founded with Michelle Obama as vice president and now leads.”

While that gaffe was the main story to come out of the ceremony at first, a second one emerged shortly afterward. That’s the weird photo of Biden taking a knee, as was shared on Twitter:

Unclear why Joe Biden keeps taking a knee in formal photos — but doing it in a photo with Navy sailors is bizarre.”

The president took a knee during a photo with the Seattle Storms team as he welcomed them to the White House to celebrate their WNBA championship.

[…]In July, Biden also took a knee while taking a photo with the Los Angeles Dodgers at the White House after celebrating their World Series victory.[…]Biden also took a knee during a photo with the family of a 94-year-old Korean War veteran after awarding him the Medal of Honor in May.

Why is Biden taking a knee in all these pictures, particularly when no one else is doing so?


5 thoughts on “What’s With the Strange Thing President Joe Biden Keeps Doing in Photo’s with America’s Military and Others?”
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  2. Thanks for this. I hadn’t noticed him taking a knee. He’s just a strange old coot – I’m not even positive he’s aware how it makes him look. Just more continuous weird stuff from the old Resident in the WH.

  3. Maybe it’s a submission pose that the “White Hats” in charge are making him do or, like Colonostophy Kapaernick, he’s protesting the military but with this IDIOT you can’t really say why he does it. Maybe, he’s just used to being on his knees in front of XI!!!

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