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An Amber Alert has been issued for 17-year-old Arkansas Teenager Trynytee Case in Hot Springs according to authorities.

According to the Arkansas State Police, an Amber Alert has been issued for the 17-year-old teen.

Police say Case left work at the Pour Some Sugar on Me bakery around 9:15pm on Monday, April 18. Case was with another female co-worker, walking to their vehicles about a block away. Both were met with another unknown woman standing hear a parked vehicle.

The woman asked Case if she could use her phone to call her parents staying at a Hot Springs condo because she was lost. The woman then changed her mine according to authorities, and then asked her to come closer because she needed to use the GPS coordinates on Case’s phone.

At the same time, police stated that Case’s friend left to go get her vehicle in the parking garage. When the friend arrived to pick Case up, she was not there.

The friend then attempted to call Case, but she did not answer. The panicked friend then called Case’s mother.

When Case’s mom tried to call her phone, police said she answered and said “everything is fine,” before a male voice came over the phone. The man demanded $10,000 for her return or “they would kill and cut up the victim,” the AMBER Alert said. 

Case’s phone then went dead and no contact has been since, according to investigators.

Case’s phone was pinged and last located headed south on U.S. Highway 7 south of Hot Springs.

She was last seen wearing blue hoodie with the “Pour Some Sugar On Me” logo. She also has on legging-style pants and white tennis shoes. She is 5 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs 115 pounds. She also has hazel eyes and a brown pony tail. 

If anyone has any information, please contact the Hot Springs Police Department at (501) 651-7711.  

This is a developing story and we’ll keep you updated. Prayers she is recovered safely soon.


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