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That’s right, no one hates Christians in America more than radical islamic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. She’s attacked the Jews in Israel with her rhetoric and stood with Hamas and Palestine over and over as well.

She’s at it again after a viral video shows what looks to be a group of Christians on a plane singing worship songs at 30,000 feet with a guitar. Here’s the video below that has Omar and the leftist radicals so triggered.

Former congressional candidate and Air Force pilot Buzz Patterson hammered Omar!

I spent decades flying in the Middle East. We weren’t even allowed to bring Bibles into the countries or worship. This sort of impromptu singing would turn into arrests and imprisonment. I’ll celebrate our freedoms here. You do you. @IlhanMN

Professor Gad Saad nailed it as he too hammered Omar below.

This pig has an immeasurably dark heart. Hatred and divisiveness fuels her existence.

Here are a few others that slammed the radical Congresswoman for her constant attack on Christians and Americans.

Here’s one that takes the cake, and couldn’t be more true!

What’s your take America? Had enough of this radical Islamic Congresswoman trying to destroy America yet?


One thought on “Radical Islamic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Attacks Christians for Singing Songs About Jesus on Airplane: ‘I think my family and I should have a prayer session next time I am on a place’”
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