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HumanEvents host Jack Posobiec who’s a regular on Warroom with Steve Bannon and Warroom Pandemic said that despite the fact Elon Musk is looking to acquire Twitter, conservatives still need to build up alternative platforms.

We still need to build up GETTR” Posobiec said while speaking with host and former Assistant to President Trump, Peter Navarro.

Jack’s not wrong, and conservatives can’t stop working to build platforms that stop them from being heard. If Musk isn’t successful, the only option those trying to get the truth out has is platforms like GETTR, Gab, CloutHub, MeWe, Parler, and others.

GETTR has been dubbed the Twitter killer by man, and it’s far superior to any other platform that’s ever been created to compete with the tech giant. GETTR has Live Streaming capabilities, is the fastest growing social media platform in history already surpassing 5 million members about 6/7 months into its launch. GETTR has GETTR Pay coming for payment processing for influencers and businesses that have been dropped by liberal companies like PayPal and Venmo this Summer. GETTR is truly BETTER if you’ve been silenced by big tech for saying what they don’t agree with.


You can follow our own Matt Couch who was banned by Twitter on GETTR by clicking Here!

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