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One of the legends in broadcasting, and a modern day prophet Paul Harvey exposed the fake news back in this speech in 2003.

The speech took place from the Landon Lecture Series, and Harvey shares his insights about all of the bad news in America.

“After all bad news is good news. The reader does not want to read about some rich man who’s healthy and happily married. That might tend to make the reader feel sorry for himself. But if the rich man is divorced or diseased or loses his money, that’s more interesting reading, because the reader can feel himself to be better off.”

Sounds familiar in 2022 doesn’t it? Harvey was a genius, anointed by God and one of the true prophets of modern time. His takes were legendary, and light years ahead of their time.

“For our nations first 150 first years we lead the world not with guns, not with butter, not with money, but by example.”

Harvey continues…

“The French threw off the yoke of their dissolute aristocracy, England initiated sweeping democratic reforms, Mexico, Central America, South America, freed themselves from Spain just by watching our example.”

Harvey is explaining to Americans that we have to stop listening to the negative media and how they continue to distort our lives, and make us miserable.

“Members of Congress huff and puff and hold hearings and strike poses, the media makes its opportunity to rake some muck and somebodies going to go to jail, and in between the teapot dome and Enron we have endured two big wars and assorted lesser ones. During each a frightened segment of Americans were convinced our country was going to hell it never did, many times it went through a little hell, but it always came out on the other side of the crucible heat tempered and better and stronger and more prosperous than before.”

This is one of my favorite Paul Harvey speeches, I hope you enjoy it as well.


By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

One thought on “WATCH: Paul Harvey Exposes Fake News in 2003 ‘For our nations first 150 first years we lead the world not with guns, not with butter, not with money, but by example.’ (Every American Needs to Watch This)”
  1. Listened to Paul Harvey many times over the years, recognized his voice anywhere. Good to see him live. Man was very wise. And told us about fake news before it controlled all MSM. Now such wisdom has been ignored. When we forget the past we’re bound to repeat it, said someone. They are trying to erase out history now.

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