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Fox News’ Peter Doocy, on Friday, asked Jen Psaki about Kamala Harris not wearing a mask after being exposed to close contact with Jamal Simmons, her Communications Director, who announced he has COVID on April 6. After that announcement, Harris’ staff said she would be following CDC guidance, which say you should wear a well-fitting mask for 10 days.

“Tell me more, Peter,” Psaki said in a snotty remark. “I’m sure this is going somewhere.

Doocy asked,” She wasn’t wearing a mask during the confirmation vote in the Senate on Ketanji Brown Jackson Thursday, and she wasn’t wearing a mask during the celebration at the White House on Friday. So why wasn’t Harris wearing a mask, given the CDC guidance that she said she would follow?” Continuing Doocy asked, “Why is she giving the new Supreme Court Justice a big hug with no mask?”

Psaki responded, “It is safer outside.” This is true, unless you go up and hug someone. Psaki then tried to claim that Kamala had been wearing a mask inside.

But Doocy was well prepared, pointing out that she was unmasked during the Senate confirmation vote for Jackson.

That’s when Psaki advised him with the well-known exception saying, “She was playing an important role in confirming the first Black woman to the Supreme Court.” ​Evidently the virus knows the importance of the event and will skip right over everyone involved.

Another reporter followed up on the question and Psaki tried to claim that Kamala was “socially distanced.”

How is hugging Jackson and standing right next to Biden being “socially distanced. Video footage shows she wasn’t “about six feet away.” That was just a straight-up lie.

This is an excellent example of how nonsensical all these rules are, and how they refuse to even follow them. They just want you to. If you call them on it, they’ll have all kinds of excuses and exceptions as to why they don’t have to. They’ll flip through hoops to justify themselves, just as Psaki did her.

We saw her doing the same thing on Thursday, trying to explain why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi kissing Biden, didn’t qualify as “close contact,” when Pelosi was positive for COVID. We’ve seen this during BLM protests and other events, even the banning of religious worship. 

What it is really is, is the fear factor of the left “Do what I say,” protocol, “Not what I do.”

Psaki is so ready to be out the door that her lies are getting worse, wanting you to deny our own eyes, and that is why this may be rated as one of her worst lies ever.

WATCH the madness below!

By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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