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The narrative has officially changed in Washington, D.C. and the Democrat and Mainstream Media mob that’s been hell bent on trying to crucify grandmothers and truck drivers who took selfies in the Rotunda at the Capitol are in panic mode.

Wednesday federal Judge Trevor McFadden used logic, common sense, and facts to determine what tens of millions of Americans have been saying and felt for over a year now. The evidence speaks for itself that most of these people that were inside our nations Capitol were let in by Capitol Police.

It is “reasonably believed” that a New Mexico Man was allowed to enter the Capitol building during the protest against the 2020 election results after being let in by Capitol Police officers the judge stated.

Judge Trevor McFadden “issued the verdict from the bench after hearing testimony without a jury in the case against Matthew Martin,” The Washington Post reported.

Martin said that he “went with the flow” as he approached the Capitol on Jan 6 and testified that he saw a police officer wave him into the building, according to the Post.

He was only in the Capitol building for roughly 10 minutes on that day.

The Post Reported:

Martin was charged with four misdemeanor counts: entering and remaining in a restricted building, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct in a Capitol building and parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building.

Buzzfeed provided more details behind McFadden’s verdict:

Announcing his decision from the bench, US District Judge Trevor McFadden said that although prosecutors argued there were numerous instances when Martin would have been aware that he wasn’t allowed on Capitol grounds or inside the building — as he walked past fences with signs saying “AREA CLOSED” and recorded video of a broken window, blaring alarms, police in riot gear, and people who appeared to have encountered tear gas — those were outweighed by Martin’s “plausible” belief that he had permission because officers didn’t try to stop him from entering.

McFadden said that Martin’s conduct was as “minimal and non-serious”as the judge could imagine for someone who went into the Capitol on Jan. 6. He said that Martin seemed to be a “silent observer” of the scene and didn’t try to crowd the police, protest, or wave the “Trump” flag that he was carrying. Martin appeared “quiet” and “orderly” as he walked inside the building, filmed video inside the Rotunda similar to how the media would behave, and didn’t appear to interfere with officers as he filmed a clash with rioters later in the afternoon on a north terrace of the building.

Over 770 people have been charged with riot-related federal crimes. Over 240 of them have pleaded guilty, mostly to misdemeanors, and over 140 have been sentenced.

This goes to what most have said that have been arrested, which is that the police allowed them to enter the Capitol, or they believed they had permission to be there because no police officers told them to leave or stop.

Thanks to our friends at The Daily Wire, Washington, Post, and Buzzfeed for contributing to this article.

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