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An American living in the Ukraine since 2014 and a journalist, Patrick Lancaster has been covering the war in the Ukraine for 8 years. That’s right, this just didn’t start 5-6 weeks ago like the mainstream media wants you to believe.

While on the ground after intense shelling in Mariupol, Lancaster speaks to Ukrainians on the ground, asking them if it’s Russians that did this to them?

“May Poroshenki, Zelensky, and all his boasters be damned. Death to them! Hit them.


“Beat these Ukrainians. They destroyed our houses to such a fucking extent. We rent an apartment and there the glass shattered into smithereens.”

Russia or Ukraine?

“Ukraine, Ukraine! Look how many houses are broken. It’s all Ukraine. Give them what they deserve. They scare us that they are ammonia there, supposedly dangerous gas. and ammonia is just… how do you say it? – It’s spirt of ammonia. — it is ordinary, nothing will come of it. Stop them so that they never come again.”

The Ukrainians continued to explain what’s happening in Mariupol.

Eugene and Elena, the city of Mariupol. ‘ We are running out of supplies, there is nothing. There is nothing.

Where are we now?

“We are now at the Pokryshkin stop. And we are at the Blazhevich stop. There you will see that all the houses are destroyed.”

How far are Ukrainians and Azov?

“As far as I know they are sitting at Ilyich’s factory. –

They’re not far, are they?

“There are a few more stops – they have their own bomb shelter.”

Kilometer, 2, or 3?

“No, we have short stops. If our Russian tanks come up they will smash them quickly, about a kilometer. — Somewhere like that.”

“This is them shooting at Ilyich there – We’re used to it. – There is simply nothing to eat, you have to go somewhere.. – He did it and I repeated it too. – We are used to it. We have been at war for 8 years now. – Yes, already 8 years. We somehow tolerate it.”

As you can see, the locals are used to what’s happening, and the Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalions have been shooting and shelling them for 8 long years.

Watch the full video for a better understanding of what’s really happening in this war.


3 thoughts on “WATCH: Ukrainians Tell Reporter on Ground in Mariupol It’s Not Russians, It’s Ukrainians Azov Attacking Civilians -Patrick Lancaster News Reports”
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  2. Tokyo Rose & Lord He Haw returned in the pretense that Ukraine could actually fight to the death in a Russian inspired war that took no efforts to prevent air bombing schools and civilian shelters but took three nuclear plants with out any damage. A modern day Lord HeHaw take a pound of flesh but the reason Russia has not taken Ukraine is because they are not welcome nor would they be after the Holodomor experience. If this guy were telling the truth the Ukraine people would have revolted by now against all the Russian forces which would have been supplemented by disenchanted Ukrainians by now. .

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