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GETTR, the global free speech platform, has OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED a brand new feature: Multilingual Live-Streaming with Real-Time Subtitle Translation
Providing LIVE subtitle translations on all streamed content on the site, allowing GETTR users to enjoy exclusive and politically-uncensored content from around the world
The closed caption technology provides live translation for 12 LANGUAGES, including: American English, Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
Since announcing its live-streaming feature in October, GETTR has become the destination for must-see video content including President Donald Trump’s ralliesPresidential debates worldwide, live footage from COVID-19 protests in Europe, and dozens of other exclusive Q&As.

GETTR continues to innovate and bring amazing new features to our global free speech community. Our new translation technology will allow people to communicate better than ever before, without the threat of Big Tech censorship. We’re just getting started.”

The new live translation feature cements GETTR’s place as the world’s leading free speech social media platform and comes ahead of several exciting new features in 2022, including Vision, a short video platform alternative to TikTok and Instagram Reels, encrypted Direct Messages, online appreciation and tipping for content creators, and GETTR Pay, a cryptocurrency-based payment system.

Your support has allowed GETTR to successfully generate an uplifting and inspiring place for all! Thanks to Big Tech’s unjust political censorship towards those who differ from the mainstream media’s narrative, we now have 5 MILLION online users!
Be a part of HISTORYJoin GETTR today, and help us make social media FUN again!
Thank you,
The GETTR Team

You can follow our founder Matt Couch on GETTR HERE!

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