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That’s right political fans, the corruption in Washington, D.C. comes with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, and a small fine. Unless it’s you of course, and if you did it, you’re going to prison or a very long time, but not them, they don’t do hard time.

The Federal Election Commission while everyone was worried about Will Smith’s slap and Chris Rock’s face fined the Hillary Clinton campaign $8,000 and the Democratic National Committee $105,000 for their funding of the fake “Steele dossier.” You know, the 2016 opposition research report that lead to a massive investigation into President Donald J. Trump alleging he had links to Russia, and it was complete and total bullshit? Yes, that one, and now they’re admitting it was false, and there’s no harm no foul, except for some small fines.

That’s right, you can make up false information, get the FBI to investigate your political rival, and what happens to you? Why nothing, that’s what! Isn’t this a great country if you’re a Democrat?

The supposedly “bipartisan” election commission also dismissed a complaint against Christopher Steele, the author of the fake Russian Collusion “Steele dossier.” You know, the one that caused hell on earth and investigations that cost the American tax payer tens of millions of dollars in the first two years of President Trump’s presidency?

The campaign mislabeled Steele’s work as “legal services” and “legal and compliance consulting” in campaign filing, the FEC concluded. Awe, is that all they did. You mean they didn’t lie like hell and make the entire thing up, you corrupt bastards?

A spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) acknowledged that they had agreed to pay the FEC’s fine but said it had “settled aging and silly complaints from the 2016 election about ‘purpose descriptions’ in our FEC report.” 

Aging and silly complaints? The arrogance of these people is mind numbing, isn’t it? They literally LIED and caused a massive investigation into the Trump campaign based on false information. You and I would be in prison for years if we’d of done the same America.

The FEC’s ruling was in response to a complaint filed in 2018 by the conservative advocacy group the Coolidge Reagan Foundation. Paul Kamenar, a member of the Coolidge Reagan Foundation’s advisory board, called the DNC spokesperson’s description “appalling” in a phone call with CBS News.

“It’s outrageous that the DNC would minimize the serious violation that took place by calling campaign disclosure laws ‘silly’ violations,” said Kamenar, who added that he believes the FEC should have made a criminal referral to the Justice Department.

Lawyers working for the Democrats in 2016 hired research firm Fusion GPS to investigate Trump, and the firm then paid Steele, a former British intelligence officer, and his company, Orbis.

Lawyers for Steele lauded the ruling in a statement to CBS News.

“This ruling by the FEC underlines once again that Mr. Steele and Orbis Business Intelligence acted with complete integrity and professionalism in relation to their work on the 2016 presidential election,” wrote Steele’s attorneys Robert Weinberg and Joshua Shiffrin.

It’s unbelievable that they just continue to get by with this America, simply unbelievable..


3 thoughts on “SLAP ON THE WRIST AS USUAL: FEC Fines Clinton Campaign $8,000 and DNC $105,000 for Funding ‘Steele Dossier’ Clears Christopher Steele of Any Wrongdoing”
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  2. Well, for heavens’ sake! Why would ‘u expect otherwise,,,, now listen up- Mrs. Clinton knows where all the ‘bodies’ ‘r buried – yes, even the ones she ‘might not be responsible for (very few?) ‘n she is always miles ahead of everyone-especially when it involves her,,,- she underestimated Mr. Trump before she planned to win-hands down-‘n lost to him- a great shock to her – ‘n most everyone else,,,,Soros is probably still paying for that little ‘mis-step’— ‘n when she hates, she hates with her ‘finger on the trigger!-well ,always someone else’s finger- ha- she will never run out of plans to “get Trump”- her words, not mine,,, ‘n she grits her teeth every time she hears one of us who love him Say “we love him”,,, No body ever does everything right! Right? So we believe he truly loves our Country, ‘n his family! ‘N ‘u know what? That’s what matters to me! He’s not concerned about where he can ‘steal’ the next deal, ‘n who from! Like Mrs. Clinton- remember when she was a pauper in Arkansas watching the drug planes land in their back yard? $$$

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