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Former Russian President now top aide to now Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev has a strong message for the United States.

Medvedev says that Russia has the “might” to put the U.S. in its place after accusing the Western nation of trying to stoke “disgusting” Russophobia amid the ongoing Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

According to reports on Thursday from Reuters, Medvedev, who served as the Russian President from 2008 to 2012 and who current serves as Deputy Secretary to Russia’s Security Council, said that the United States was guilty of spreading Russophobia in an apparent attempt to cause strive in their country.

“It will not work,” he warned. “Russia has the might to put all of our brash enemies in their place.”

Back in February, Medvedev took a jab at President Joe Biden and said that weak U.S. sanctions only demonstrated the country’s “political impotence,” and poked fun at the weakness of America and the West in general.

“We are being driven out of everywhere, punished and threatened, but we don’t feel scared,” he said according to reports, going on to mock the sanctions as weak theater to make up for previous “shameful decisions” such as the U.S.’s “cowardly retreat from Afghanistan.”

Russia continues to speak with a loud voice despite all of the sanctions against them, saying it can rise up and form alliances of its own with other world powers — including China.

China hasn’t mentioned military aid to Russia yet, but the key work is yet between the two powers who are dear friends and allies.


One thought on “Former Russian President, Now Top Putin Aide Tells US ‘We Possess the Might to Put You in Your Place’”
  1. I believe Russia can back up Medvedev’s statements and it is not just brash chest beating. US better keep its military out of Ukraine or it may be like a lunatic trying to tweak a Bear’s nose but is too insane to put up a proper defense (remember Biden’s Afghanistan?). Congress’s hawks should not push their demented President into battle by declaring war against Russia–it will be suicide for all of us!

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