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As we consider how bad American has gotten in 14 months under a Joe Biden presidency, it’s time to dig up one of the funniest and most hilarious videos we’ve ever seen here at The DC Patriot.

Whoever created this is a genius, its’ a ‘Weekend at Biden’s’ or if you’ve seen the movie “Weekend at Bernies” trailer with Joe Biden instead of Bernie. It’s hilarious!

We hope it makes your Friday and maybe even your weekend. Check it out below.


2 thoughts on “WATCH: Hilarious Joe Biden “Weekend at Bernies” Like Movie Trailer Might be the Funniest Thing We’ve Ever Seen”
  1. This is the saddest commentary that America has had in the many years of it’s existance. While, meant to be humorous, it is to many something to cry over. The disgrace the Democrats & Rino’s have put us through before the rest of the world is deplorable. Time is so short and all of this will be over soon, then the judgement will come & it won’t be funny then.

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