Two Patriots Jeremy Oliver and Josh Barnett confronted David Clements on what he’s been doing to sabotage election audits in multiple states around America, and the video is eye opening.

Clements claims he and his wife do the only full forensic audits, and that’s just not true at all America.

According to Jeremy Oliver and Josh Barnett, Clement was a plant at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium back last fall.

In this video, he seems to feel very threatened, and even tries to bully producer Jeremy Oliver multiple times, and it doesn’t go well for him.

Watch the full video below:



3 thoughts on “WATCH: David Clement EXPOSED at CPAC, How Bad Actors CANNOT Tell the Truth”
  1. How come we don’t buy what Clements is saying there about the audits? You can’t believe a liar in Clements. He’s deep state.

  2. If you want to be truthful, show the entire exchange! I’m disappointed in you Matt for not doing that. Jeremy is NOT a good guy.

  3. How can you not see that David Clements is telling the TRUTH? DO A LITTLE DIGGING Friend…

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